Saturday, 20 July 2013

Summer Stuff and Year 3

Well we're pretty far into Summer now so I guess I'll post a catch-up kinda thing. I got into Third Year (yay) with a 2:2 (not so yay), and was just over a percentage off of a 2:1, which was pretty annoying, but then I learned that Second Year only counts for about 20 or 30% of the final grade, which means if I push myself to my absolute artistic limits in Third Year, which I'm going to do anyway, I can still walk away with a good mark. I know at the end of the day it's your portfolio and attitude that ultimately sells you, but I'd still like to aim for a high a grade as possible, because why limit yourself?
Without further ado, here's some stuff I've been doing, it's not much yet because I've honestly been playing games quite a bit and catching up on games I fell behind on, and seeing friends and such. There's some quick sketches and not so quick sketches, and some more developed pieces and a few studies thrown in for good measure.

Most of these environmental pieces were to try get a grasp on 3 point perspective alongside composition ideas, and the latter images are the final results of that, mixed with some Studio Ghibli inspired art style and themes. I'm actually pretty pleased with the above image; I keep saying I won't try watercolours again every time I use them, but here I actually took my time with them, used a thinner brush and mixed some with markers and stuff. If I could alter it I'd try vary the colour of the buildings a bit more and make the shadows contrast a bit more, and also involve the tram a bit more with the mid-ground but ultimately it was a success for me.

Quick study of a still from the following video (2m in):
dark mid-tones are something I have a hard time leveling out still (mainly the trees).

And lastly, I hopped on the bandwagon and did some Google Maps studies like everyone else.

I also have a portfolio website now! It's pretty basic at the moment, with not much work on there, but it can all be placeholder for now while I work on stuff over the Summer to gradually place in.

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